Salestron is a platform for managing customer, products/ offers, kiosks, and generating customer insights in real time, which helps sales to provide better solution to customer while better control of inventory level

What Salestron do

Customer walks into the store

When customer walks into a store who will be given a iBeacon. This can be done in the form of a token, store card or sticking on to existing store card



Customer starts looking products

A detector module is kept near a category of product which will detect the presence of the beacon and identifies time and location customer spent


Central server

Salesperson is updated

All these data will be updated in Salestron iPad / iPhone application to provide suggestions to salesperson about the products that might be interesting to customer


iPhone / iPad


Through digital signage or during checkout, likely interested product and promotion of immovable product can be promoted towards customer


Digital Signage/ Checkout counter

Products Benefits

Understand customer interest
Better resource management
Push immovable products
Personalise customer experience

Product Features

Identify customer's preference on product

Salestron records the amount of time customer has spent in front of each product. Using this data to analyze customer interest and preference. The data can covey to sales person via iPhone/ iPad/ hand held devices

Push custom advertisement based on real time data

Salestron identifies the products a customer is interested in. It can create live ad-campaigns and attractive offer along with less moving product.

Create personalised user experience for each customer

The unique database for each customer allows sales person to be alerted when this customer walks inside the store. This allows for creating personalised shopping experience for each customer.

Enables better resource management

Salestron can analyse all the assets including volatile assets such as customers and salespersons in real time. Knewing where the right resource needs on the shop floor will help to allocate better manpower, resources and attentions to customers

Give the ability to track user, salespersons and Assets in real time

Salestron is able to track both people and store assests (like trolleys) in real time which allows user to look into the positions of store assets and reassign them accordingly

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