Our Solution

Bring the best Marketing Technology - Martech together to execute your digital marketing strategy at scale.


It's our unique methodology, toolkit and expertise that attracts some of the world's most forward thinking companies.

Our consultancy service includes:

Maturity assessments to identify your current state

Workflow and content management

Independent technology advice

Education and optimization programs


We enable enterprises to transform their strategies through marketing and advertising technology. We understand the ins-and-outs of some of the world's leading marketing and advertising technologies.

Development services:




Artificial Intelligent Marketing

We build customized artificial intelligent / machine learning solution to do the heavy lifting for marketers by making the work of launching and optimizing campaigns simpler on all relevant channels, so they can get back to focusing on what they're good at -strategy, research, creative, messaging, and above all, higher-value problem solving.

Artificial Intelligence Marketing Technology Stack

We help you to build MarTech stack and identify gaps and overlap in your current marketing tools

Advertisement +
Content +
Commerce +


  • Mobile Marketing
  • Display + Programmatic
  • Search + Social Advertising
  • Native + Content Advertising
  • Video Advertising
  • Print
  • PR

Content + Experience​

  • Mobile Apps​
  • Video Marketing
  • Interactive Content
  • Email Marketing​
  • Content Marketing
  • Optimization + Testing
  • Data Asset Management (DAM) or Marketing Resource Management (MRM)​
  • SEO
  • Marketing Automation
  • Content Management System (CMS)

Commerce + Sales​​

  • Retail Marketing​
  • Partner + Local Marketing
  • Sales Automation, Enablement + Intelligence​
  • Affiliate Marketing
  • Ecommerce Marketing​
  • Ecommerce Platforms​


  • Audience + Data Enhancement​
  • Marketing Analytics, Performance + Attribution
  • Mobile + Web Analytics​
  • Data Visualization
  • Customer Intelligence​
  • IPaaS + Tag Management​
  • Data Management Platform (DMP)
  • Predictive Analytics​
  • Customer Data Platforms

Social + Relationships

  • Call Analytics​
  • Account Based Management (ABM)​
  • Events, Meetings + Webinars​
  • Loyalty + Referrals​
  • Feedback​
  • Customer Experience + Success
  • Customer Relationship Management (CRM)​

Internal Management​​

  • Talent Management
  • Product Management​
  • Budgeting
  • Collaboration
  • Projects + Workflows​
  • Agile Management
  • Vendor Analysis

Our Approach

We address root causes, develop strategy and roadmap, use right tools and measurement to get the most optimum results for businesses.

the Root

We focus on people, process, and technology. We believe that problems with people and process are real, as are issues with data and technology. Adding new technology without addressing the root causes in people, process, and data can mask or even further exacerbate the problem.

Develop a Technology Roadmap and Integration Strategy

Develop a technology roadmap that specifies what core components you need in your MarTech stack and an integration strategy that addresses how data and process will flow through the stack. Here are the five essential components in MarTech core stack:
  • CRM
  • Marketing automation
  • Data management and integration
  • Data visualization and reporting
  • Content management and personalization

ROI and

How will you measure and keep track of the performance and return on investment of the new solution? We are not only to demonstrate to your marketing and sales leadership that the new solution is effective and works as advertised, but also to ensure it's producing the correct results without unintended side effects.

Why Customindz

We are the leader in Artificial Intelligence Marketing Technology Integrator and Marketing Automation expert in Hong Kong, China and Asia

Integrated Planning

Always on+

content marketing
search engine

organic search



social media marketing
Multi-channel Analysis
Digital Experience

Always on + campaign

A unique blend of Consultancy, Technical Development and Managed Support. Coupled with exclusive planning methodology, industry specific Knowledge Base, and proven technology toolkit-all of which have enabled our clients to deliver global marketing strategies and digital advertising campaigns with that all important, and demonstrable, ROI

What is a Marketing Technology Integrator?

As the marketing tech vendor space has proliferated over the past few years, marketers have had to take it upon themselves to ensure working integrations between systems and tools. Such DIY efforts and the resulting expertise spurred innovative solutions that unlikely would've occurred otherwise. This has given marketers -especially those in marketing ops roles -a taste for control and customization. And they're less willing to give it up lest they lose the innovative edge they've been enjoying.

Why is control and customization in marketing so important?

The "one size fits all" mindset doesn't fit a customer-centric strategy - customer needs, demographics, behaviors, etc., are often ephemeral. Marketers must be able to quickly adapt to these changes. That's why we've been seeing a growing trend of teams bringing unitasker and variety of marketing technology (including adtech) in their stack..

What is AI, machine learing and predictive modelling in Marketing?

Artificial intelligence (AI) has appeared in the news agenda, and marketing is no exception. Not only do AI Marketing performs many of the manual, time-consuming tasks associated with cross-channel marketing, but the systems actually learn, using prescriptive strategies to forecast user activity on the most granular of levels. They seamlessly integrate into critical systems within your current technology stack (such as web analytics, CRM, product inventory and CMS) in order to analyze and leverage historical data, and allow you to no longer have to invest in multiple ad and marketing tech point solutions.

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