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How about having your CRM answers 1000's of your customer care queries simultaneously without a human agent in between? Or how about your showroom manager gets a tip off when someone in the city decides to buy a car that is readily available in your stock if they get a good deal? in other words, how about th e different

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Machine Learning

Our Machine Learning solutions assist business software in detecting patterns and behavior from large quantities of operational data. Instead of focusing on direct custom software programming, Customindz is the Top Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning Company In Hong Kong that equip your information systems with the ability to think and forecast outcomes.

Deep Learning

Do you want to create cognitive business technology frameworks that are capable of thinking like human brain? Customindz Deep Technology solutions make this process a reality and we are one of the pioneer for implementing Deep Technology in Hong Kong. Our solutions assist your computer in mimicking the same way human brain recognizes, understands and responds to complex and linear problems with the help of multi layered Artificial Neural Networks (ANN). We offer highly dynamic deep learning solutions which comprise of self-serving chat bots for customer support and care, advanced home automation systems, sophisticated speech and facial recognition systems and many more.

Classification Tools

We built custom classification capability using our AI frameworks for our business customers. Our classifiers help business systems to better predict outcomes by identifying source patterns in unstructured data like for example insights such as sentiments, language, gender, age, demographics, favorites, etc. of data generators.

Sales Intelligence

Our sales intelligence solutions come up with smart intelligent insights and useful recommendations along with precious predictions to enhance the sales of your business. No matter whether you run a large shopping mall where daily customer traffic is big in numbers or own a high-value market like automobile dealerships; you can make use of our solutions to your advantage effectively. We help your business improve customer engagement significantly with customer personalization, which in turn increases the rate of sales manifold. Our sales intelligence solutions include emotional intelligence solution to analyze the reaction of users reviewing products in shopping malls, an intelligent lead scoring solution with best recommendations for salesman engagements and much more.

Video, Image and Text Analytics

Build cognitive business technology frameworks that think like the human brain with deep learning. Using multi layered Artificial Neural Networks (ANN) we help your computer's mimic human brain actions of perceiving complex and non-linear problems and responding to it as humans would. Our forte includes advanced speech and facial recognition systems, smart home automation systems, self-serving customer care chat bots and much more.

Predictive Analytics

We offer best predictive analytics solutions which let your business know the future outcomes in a smart way. Our solutions perform this future assessment with proper utilization of data, machine learning and statistical algorithms and genuine conclusions are drawn depending on the existing historical data. You can use our predictive analytics solutions to address complex issues and unveil fresh and promising opportunities. Our unique and smart solutions have managed to deliver excellent results for several businesses including Fortune 500 companies in optimizing marketing campaigns, improving operations, detecting fraud, reducing risks, increasing sales etc.

Custom AI tools

AI has penetrated into almost every industry, it's a revolution and every day, more businesses and companies adopt AI to leverage their growth. We have helped several companies to grow their business by building custom AI solutions tailored to their work ecosystem. Our team of expert AI engineers identifies the areas in a business which can be made efficient with the use of AI technologies. Few of the custom AI tools we have built includes language classification application, ALPR systems, solution for value prediction of used cars, marketing campaigns optimization tools and much more.

Robotic Process Automation

With the growth in AI technology, Robotic Process Automation has evolved to its next level in automating the monotonous works with high accuracy and efficiency. Our expertise in job automation has helped several businesses and organizations to reduce the requirement of manpower and thereby to yield higher profit margins. Few of the job automation we have done for our customers include automated signature forgery detection for financial institutions, automated number plate detection and service registrations for auto dealership

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